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    To ensure operational safety for machines、tools、workshops and operation systems;
    To ensure no harm to the environment and the health of workers;
    To carry out physical and chemical tests correctly in order to ensure product safety;
    To implement the policy to manage the sharps tools、metal free area and factory safety audit.
    To implement fully closed chamber carriage to ensure safety in transportation.
    To reinforce the supplier management and selection, to ensure the safety in the supplier chain and products.


    From these years Wanziman insisting on from top management to all employees to implement product quality and safety management in all the manufacturing activities of the company, insists on abiding the motto of “Quality comes first”, trying hard to work out “achieving the passing grade at one time”, to operate the pilot test for every style and first testing sample for employee practically, trying hard to stop totally and prevent the happening of inferior quality, in the supply of raw material, executing premium production in the preparation of production, in the manufacturing processes, random checking before warehousing,  monitoring of details, totally ensure the outlook of product, physical and chemical material of items to be up to the customers’ standard of international level.


    Respect, Salary, Accommodation, Medical care, Insurance, Recreational, Tourism
    Reasonable working hours, Promotion for work efficiency, On Job Training, Right Protection Worker Union

    The company supports and respects the protection of international human right, striving to create a good working and living environment for employees, to build the career development platform for them in all areas.


    Wasted water Executable Discharge Standard:
    GB8978-96 W《Waste water Aggregated Discharge Standard》Section 4 Grade 3 standard.
    Exhausted Air Executable Emission Standards:
    GB13271-2001《Boiler Air Pollutant Emission Standard》Class 2 zone II period.

    Wanziman always abide by the environmental laws, regulations and technical specifications of the state, industry and localities, strictly control the discharge of pollutants in the production process, continuously improve the utilization rate of raw materials, reduce the production of waste, make efficient use of resources and realize the continuous improvement for the overall environment efficacy of the company.



    Statistic for the total volume of emission of two factories in 2015 & 2016
    The data comes from the blue map environment data platform